Thursday, May 28, 2009

North Island

Here's a map of my trip. Totaled around 2000 Km.

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Hostel in Raglan called Solscape. Tucker, Clay, and Ry you'd especially love this place. All the rooms were old train cabooses and they had a killer communal spot with an old fire place and lounge. The hostel is full of surfers chasing that "one perfect wave" as Keanu Reeves says so eloquently in Point Break. In all seriousness though, Raglan is one of the best left handers in the world and deserved to be featured in the Endless Summer.

Picture from inside my train car.

View from SolScape overlooking Raglan. The waves were 4 meters and blown out that day.

The black volcanic sands from above.

Marokopa Falls. I couldn't get any closer - the mist from the falls was gnar.

New Plymouth. Coastal town at the base of Mt. Taranaki.

New Plymouth's phallus.

Break along the surf highway which rounded Mt. Taranaki.

Taranaki in the distance.

In the clouds at Taranaki. The coast is below the clouds.

Mt. Taranaki with 6 inches of fresh.

New Zealand wool is warm.

I just got so restless at Taranaki I had to throw a snowball and take a picture. geese I was restless.

Great house I stayed at in Wellington for a couple nights.


skate park in town.

Hawkes Bay has some amazing vineyards. I did a few winery tours in the area. At my first tasting I shocked a few posh couples when I spit my wine directly into the waste vase. As I soon learned you're supposed to pour your wine out from your glass.

Lake Taupo. The Tangariro National park aka "Mt Doom" is in the backround.

Gold Mine

This McDonalds had an airplane!


Hot Water beach. This place has a thermal springs right beneath the sand. At low tide I dug myself a hot tub. At high tide I shredded some fun waves.

Cathedral Cove. This was featured in the very beginning of the Prince Caspian Narnia movie.

Auckland museum

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